Hands & Feet

OPI Pro Spa Manicure

The nails are soaked in a moisturising bath then the hands are gently exfoliated. A moisturising masque is applied and wrapped up in thermal mittens to aid absorption. The nails and cuticles are tidied and a relaxing hand and lower arm massage is included. This is followed by an application of colour polish.


OPI Pro Spa Pedicure

A luxury foot treatment that will leave you with smoother, softer and revitalised feet, After a moisturising foot soak, the nails and cuticles are tidied, hard skin is removed and dry skin moisturised. Colour polish is applied and a foot and lower leg massage is included.


Luxury Pedicure with heated boots

Everything included in the Pedicure plus thermal boots which will aid the absorption of softening foot creams and improve circulation.


File & Polish

£12.00 - £14.00

OPI GelColour

GelColor by OPI is durable, glossy and lasts. Professional removal is required. OPI GelColour removal is £10 or free if you have Gel polish straight back on.

£22.50 - £25.00

OPI Gel Colour Soak Off

OPI GelColour removal is £10 including a tidy up and nail strengthener or free if you have Gel polish straight back on.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

£29.00 - £31.50

Ombre Acrylic Nail Extensions

£40.00 - £42.00

Acrylic Infill

£19.50 - £21.50

Individual Acrylic nail repair

£4.00 - £4.50

French Polish for finger nails


Acrylic Overlay on natural nails

£24.00 - £26.00

OPI GelColour add on

£11.00 to manicures/pedicures/acrylic

Acrylic removal

Soak off and tidy up with added nail strengthener £15 or £7.50 if you have acrylic nails straight back on.

Toe Paint

£12.00 - £14.00

UV Top coat

Harder wearing and longer lasting than a normal top coat. This can be removed with nail polish remover £2


High Shine Gel Top coat

Our hardest wearing and longest lasting top coat. This must be professionally removed.


Nail Art

from 50p per nail

LCN Sculptured Gel Extensions

These natural looking non-porous, non-yellowing, sculpted nail extensions contain no harsh chemicals. They need no soaking off, last longer between infills and do not damage your own nails.

£47.00 - £50.00

LCN Infill

£33.00 - £35.00

LCN Overlay

£39.00 - £41.00

LCN Toes

£30.00 - £32.00

LCN Individual nail repair

£5.00 - £5.50

LCN Removal

Buff off, tidy up & nail strengthener applied.


Swarovski Crystal Nails

If you like to sparkle this glamorous look is for you.

Crystal Manicure


Crystal Pedicure


Crystal removal